R.I.P. My Old Buzzwords Site

The header of my old site

From late 2011 to early 2013 I made over 260 posts of my Buzzwords columns on another site, called "Free Daily English Lessons!" along with other material. (I also reposted a number of redirects to those FDEL posts.)

In addition, I started a version of this site in April of 2016 (once again duplicating much of this material, though some of it was re-hashed) for a total of about 60 more posts.

As I repost that material here, I'm removing it from there. Apparently, this makes the Google happy.

So the statistics you see at the bottom of some of these new posts (from 2021) are the Google Analytics numbers assigned to those old posts. Some of them are remarkably high (one is nearly 12,000!), but GA is known to inflate numbers a bit, so....

Anyway, it's good to be getting all of this writing under one virtual roof.


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